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We frequently field questions regarding integration capabilites between the Semarchy xDM platform and Kafka. Below is a recent interaction from a customer who had specific questions, as well as our response to the inquiry.  Internally, we use [MDM-10867] to track the enhancement request associated with Semarchy xDM Kafka Integration.


I have a question about Semarchy integration capabilities:

When a record gets updated on Semarchy:

Can Semarchy publish the updated record to Kafka? Or

Can it trigger an event that a particular record was updated?


This functionality will be available starting the next product release (5.3), tentatively planned for Q1 2021. Our team is working on making this functionality available, and the next version will include it.

Currently, we can just send job notifications with the batchid, so that a third party system can request the detailed records being involved in the job : https://www.semarchy.com/doc/semarchy-xdm/semde.html#configuring-job-notifications-policies