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David JonesSemarchy Team
Technical Client Success Manager at Semarchy

Breaking Change in xDM 5.3.4: javax.json library not included anymore - How to


  • Customers installing or upgrading to Semarchy xDM version 5.3.4 or above and using the Tomcat application server.

Summary & Application

Semarchy xDM version 5.3.4 introduces a breaking change for users upgrading from prior versions: in order to avoid possible conflicts with other libraries, org.glassfish.javax.json libraries that were traditionally included in previous releases are not shipped with xDM anymore, starting from version 5.3.4.

In scenarios where customers upgrade to version 5.3.4, yet neglect to copy required libraries as instructed, errors may occur:

This syntax may appear in the PDE log:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/json/JsonValue


1. Copy the following libraries from the... (More)

David JonesSemarchy Team
Technical Client Success Manager at Semarchy

Troubleshooting - "NullPointerException" error while deploying a model that contains database views

After completing a patch upgrade of Semarchy xDM, administrators may encounter a NullPointerException: Null code error when attempting a model deployment operation. The error is most likely to occur in environments where an admin has configured database views, a new feature introduced in version 5.3 of the Semarchy xDM platform. Reference our official documentation for more info on configuring database views.

Below is an excerpt of the stack trace for this specific error.

java.lang.NullPointerException: Null code at com.semarchy.mdm.runtime.model.dbschema.impl.AutoValue_DBView.<init>( at com.semarchy.mdm.runtime.model.dbschema.impl.DBView.create( at com.semarchy.mdm.runtime.model.dbschema.impl.DBSchema.addView( at com.semarchy.mdm.runtime.model.dbschema.reveng.PostgreSQLSchemaReveng.reverseViews( at com.semarchy.mdm.runtime.model.dbschema.reveng.PostgreSQLSchemaReveng.reverseSchema( at com.semarchy.mdm.runtime.model.dbschema.reveng.SchemaRevengFactory.reverseSchema( at com.semarchy.mdm.runtime.model.dbschema.reveng.SchemaRevengFactory.reverseSchema( at com.semarchy.mdm.datahub.admin.impl.DataLocationSchemaSupport.getSchemaDiffForUpdate( at com.semarchy.mdm.datahub.admin.impl.DefaultDataLocationAdminService.getSchemaDiffForUpdate( at com.semarchy.ui.platform.admin.wizards.ShowDDLPage$ at org.eclipse.jface.operation.ModalContext$ModalContextThread$ at... (More)
Peter TseSemarchy Team
Senior Customer Success Consultant at Semarchy

Removed attribute still exists in table


I removed an attribute named Gender from my Contact entity and re-deployed my model.

But the GENDER column still exists in all my %CONTACT tables.

Why is this and how do I remove it?


Zahuur MohamudSemarchy Team
Customer Success Consultant at Semarchy

How to Deploy Semarchy xDM using Tomcat Manager

This article guides a Semarchy Administrator on how to use the Tomcat Manager interface to deploy Semarchy xDM. This applies to install xDM and to upgrade to new versions of xDM.


The Tomcat Manager is a web application bundled with the Tomcat server and provides the basic functionality needed to manage deployed web applications. The software program Tomcat Manager is integrated within the Tomcat server. It is installed in the context path /manager and provides the basic features for managing Web applications running on tomcat. In apache tomcat versions 8.5 and above, tomcat manager it’s only accessible using the... (More)