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David JonesSemarchy Team
Sr. Customer Success Consultant at Semarchy

At the present, E.R. Diagrams cannot be exported. One solution is to use Screen Capture software in order to create a document of this information. 

Zahuur MohamudSemarchy Team
Customer Success Consultant at Semarchy

How to Deploy Semarchy xDM using Tomcat Manager

This article guides a Semarchy Administrator on how to use the Tomcat Manager interface to deploy Semarchy xDM. This applies to install xDM and to upgrade to new versions of xDM.


The Tomcat Manager is a web application bundled with the Tomcat server and provides the basic functionality needed to manage deployed web applications. The software program Tomcat Manager is integrated within the Tomcat server. It is installed in the context path /manager and provides the basic features for managing Web applications running on tomcat. In apache tomcat versions 8.5 and above, tomcat manager it’s only accessible using the... (More)

Anna RiderSemarchy Team
Customer Success Consultant at Semarchy

How do I delete data during dev time?

I am in development mode. I loaded some data, then significantly changed my match rules. How do I delete the data and reload?

Cedric BlancSemarchy Team
Director, Product Management at Semarchy

How to make model changes visible in the application UI ?

This article describes the actions which must be performed before all changes done on a model are visible in the generated application UI.
Developers or production operators should be comfortable with the deployment concepts in Semarchy xDM and read the Deployment section of the on-line documentation.

At Design-Time

At design-time, when connected to an open model edition deployed in a development data location, changes that only impact the application UI (for example, modifying a form view or a workflow) do not require an update of the deployed model edition.
The application browser window can be refreshed (click your profile in... (More)