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Cedric BlancSemarchy Team
Director, Product Management at Semarchy

Understand forms, collections, steppers, business views and actions

This article explains the UI components you can provide to Business Users in a Data Application. These components are used to provide the most efficient user experience in Data Applications. All these components are related to each other to build powerful Business applications very fast.

Data Application components

For each entity in your Data Model, you can define the following Data Application components:

  • Collection: configures how multiple records are displayed in a table or list or grid
  • Form: configures how one record is displayed in a form at browsing time or at data authoring time
  • Stepper:... (More)
Anna RiderSemarchy Team
Customer Success Consultant at Semarchy

How do I add a map to the form view?

In a demo, I saw you can embed a Google maps to show the location of a customer. How do I add a map to the front-end application?

Benoit BrugiereSemarchy Team
Director, Product Management at Semarchy

How to create entities and attributes

This article shows how to create entities and attributes. Entities are the key components of the logical model of your Data Hub. They are not database tables, but they represent business entities - also called logical entities - of the domain being implemented. Example of entities: Customer, Contacts, Product, Office, etc.

Add a new entity

There are two ways for adding an entity to your model. You can either add the entity in the Model Design navigator tree view or add the entity in an existing model diagram. The fastest way is to add it to your diagram... (More)

Benoit BrugiereSemarchy Team
Director, Product Management at Semarchy

How to configure a Date Picker in a Form or Collection

This article shows how to configure xDM application to have Date Picker components on Form or on Collection. Date pickers simplify the user experience for Data Stewardship and direct Data Authoring avoiding users to input date information respecting the right input format.

If you want to use a Date Picker in an xDM application, you need to have a Date or Timestamp attributes in your model. The behaviour of Date Picker will adapt automatically to:

  • Date attribute: single-step date picker to select Day, Month and Year

  • Timestamp attribute: 2 step date picker:
    • Select Day, Month and Year... (More)