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Asked a question 11 months ago

Hello, When I manually merge 2 people whose merge is suggested. In the GH_ table of the entity, I only have one line left and it is the post merge one, the old rows associated with the two persons (pre fusion) are no longer visible. Is this behaviour modifiable? Thanks in advance

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Peter TseSemarchy Team
Training & Solutions Architect at Semarchy

Hi Hammad

When you have Historization enabled, this is not what you should be seeing. No records are lost from the GH table. When two golden records are merged, the one with the 'losing' ID remains in the table. 

What you should see against this row is the B_TOBATCHID column now has a value. It's like a history record, not with an 'end date' but with a 'To Batch'. The 'From Batch' to 'To Batch' indicate between which Integration Batches that record existed as its own golden id.

Try ordering the GH table by the id column and you'll see that it is still there.

Regards, Peter


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