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Maxime Janssens
MDM Consultant @ Keyrus
Asked a question 10 months ago

Are you able to call a function in the SemQL documentation field of a form? I wanted to test out the function first by putting it as the value of this form field. It returns a string in markdown ('<p>This is the documentation for the active status....</p>'). This seems to work fine. However, the end goal is to use this function in the documentation field. Here is also an option to use SemQL but it's not displaying anything in the application. I'm not getting any errors either. Is this possible at all or am I doing something wrong? Thank you for your help.

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Peter TseSemarchy Team
Training & Solutions Architect at Semarchy

Hi Maxime

Can I ask you to please raise a ticket on our Support Portal77 for this issue?

I want to investigate this further as using the Literal option on the Documentation property returns text but changing to SemQL does not display anything.

Regards, Peter