Ultimately we also need to solve for the case (also) where "update columns that are blank or null should not overwrite populated values". In the survivorship rules they have an option to "skip nulls". That option would probably work for us with two big exceptions: 

  1. Skip Nulls is only allowed for Custom Ranking (used in some of our stuff) and ordering by Preferred Publisher (we don;t use and would rarely use). 

  2. Skip Nulls as an option for Survivorship Rules would only be applied for a Matched record, but an update record that simply uses Publisher and Source ID would not fire anything to engage the Survivorship rules and therefore the option will not work on day to day regular ID based updates.

Has anyone solved for this or knows a clever way to get around this limitation. I have had to deal with this case many times with other tools but usually has the advantage of applying actual code and logic to it as a soluion so solving it in Semarchy is a challenge as a low-code environment.