Welcome to the Semarchy Community ! Here is everything you need to know before you start using it.

What is this Community made for?

The purpose of the Semarchy Community is to allow all Semarchy users to discuss, share ideas, ask questions and find useful information about Semarchy xDM.

How to join?

Simply go to this page. From there, you can create a Semarchy account if you don't have one, or log in using your existing Semarchy account.

Complete your profile

The first thing to do before participating to the Semarchy Community is to update your profile with details about you: title, a few lines about you, and even a banner if you like:

What can I do with my profile?

A standard profile allows you to:

  • Consult your feed and read posts
  • Follow topics and discussions
  • Subscribe to notifications (see below)
  • Post messages (see details below)
  • Like posts
  • Reply to discussions

Which types of messages can I send to the community?

  • For an open discussion with the entire community : create a Discussion
  • For a single question to the community : ask a Question
  • Additionally, Semarchy team members can post Articles to share guidelines, tips and tricks, solutions to frequent issues...

Writing guidelines

  • Before asking the question, make sure the answer is not in the Semarchy documentation
  • Be specific and concise to increase your chances to get quick answers
  • Always remains polite and respectful

Actions on other's posts

Many actions are available for you on contents posted by other members:


You can "Like" on any type of post: discussion, comment, question, answer... The number of Likes is a good indicator to evaluate how frequent or popular a topic is amongst the Semarchy community


If you want to follow the replies and updates on a Discussion or Question, you can choose to Follow it. If you do so, you will receive updates:

  • By email depending on your settings (see below section about notifications)
  • In the notifications panel

Actions on Questions

  • You can answer a Question
  • If you want to ask someone in particular to answer, just click on "Request answer" and select the member who should reply
  • You can also comment to enforce the question or add information


Don't want to miss anything about the Semarchy Community? configure notifications in your account settings. There you can choose to be notified about replies to discussions you are following or questions you have asked, and also subscribe to notifications for all topics you are following. A great way to always be informed about what is new with Semarchy xDM!

What does Reputation mean on the Semarchy Community?

Reputation is a score that is based on the participation of any member of the Semarchy Community: the more you participate, the higher your score will be.

Reputation is calculated upon:

  • Discussions or Questions you post
  • Comments
  • Replies
  • Likes received

It's an excellent way to evaluate your participation in the Community as well as the reliability of any content you read and the answers you receive.


Click here to start the journey and join the Semarchy Community!