I can see from meta-data that Semarchy tracks LoadID and BatchID really well, and breaks larger Job interations into chunked Loads and Batches. What I am trying to do though is to track when an actual instance of an entire Job iteration completes.

So I fire off a Job, and I can see the Semarchy engine spinning up iterations of Jobs/Batches. I cannot figure out though how to detect the completion of ALL Loads/Batches grouped together in the single execution of the Job...I would like to know when it completes the full Job iteration so I can trigger follow on operations either from the Notifications side or another way. 

I am sure that plenty of other people have had this need as when loading Source tables and kicking off the Job (or having it kick in by the Continuous Load polling period) ... they need to know when it is really done to do the next steps in their own integration process.