Hi. We are working on setting up our Production instance prior to launching our first Semarchy apps and integrations. I have a configuration question related to the Production instance. Here are my circumstances: 

  • My server team (overseas) set up the Production instance with a different name for the application table schema than we have in Dev. Dev was set up with a specific schema name "semarchy_data_location" , and Prod used a default name of "semarchy_data".
  • My Dev host server for Semarchy is PostgreSQL 12.3, Production is slightly different with version 12.4. 
  • The JDBC DSN is set up with the name from Dev even though the schema is not, so the imported model looks like it was able to deploy correctly and create tables okay in the Prod schema. 
  • I have outside integrations loading data using loading jobs and referring to the old schema name in Dev, so clearly they need to match. 

If I rename the schema in Prod to match Dev, will this break any dependencies for Semarchy...since the model deployed and presumably Semarchy is referring to the DSN resource by the alias that is the same as the actual schema name in Dev. 

Thank You, 

Brent VA