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Fathia JamaSemarchy Team
Sr. Customer Success Consultant at Semarchy

After migrating my backend database from Oracle to Postgres, I can no longer browse as of date. My collection returns 0 values when browsing a date prior to the migration.

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Fathia Jama
Fathia Jama Semarchy Team

The browse as of date uses the repository MTA_INTEG_BATCH table to lookup the batch id. The repository is not typically migrated, so there browse as of date returns an error while looking for the batch id.  You can follow these steps to migrate over the relevant tables. 

  • Copy the content of MTA_INTEG_BATCH and MTA_INTEG_LOAD
  • set MTA_INTEG_BATCH.O_DATALOCATION to data location uuid of target environment.
  • Generate new UUID in the MTA_INTEG_LOAD
  • Generate new UUID in MTA_INTEG_BATCH 
  • Copy the MTA_INTEG_LOAD UUID into the r_integload as it the r_integload references the UUID listed MTA_INTEG_LOAD 


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