Do you have any clients using an Address Autocomplete integration. From what I can see your Melissa data implementation does the typical Melissa data stuff, that is validating or providing address correction via an API call. I have a request from one of our Product Owners to see if we can incorporate an address autocomplete function. Google has an API for this and there are others around…but it is dynamic type of call…that is if you send for example “7428 Moon V….” and it auto completes the rest of the address to “7428 Moon Valley Rd SE, North Bend, WA 98045”. 

Usually in a UI this translates to an entry bar where you start to type the address, or I guess it could be the Address Line 1 field, but when you auto-complete it is breaks the address into the components and then pushes then into the rest of the fields. 

This is an example of Google’s version of this kind of API: