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Benoit BrugiereSemarchy Team
Director, Product Management at Semarchy

How to fine-tune JAVA memory options

This article explains how you can find your current JAVA memory configuration and what are the recommended settings.

Find your current settings

The quickest way to check your current configuration is using the option “System Information” in the xDM Application Builder:

A pop-up will display the configuration from your application server, search for the section Runtime Information:

Recommended settings

1. Determine how to set CATALINA_OPTS or JAVA_OPTS in your environment.

  • In VMs and AMIs provided by Semarchy on Azure and AWS Marketplace, this is done in the file /etc/default/tomcat8
  • In “Semarchy xDM - Preconfigured with Apache Tomcat” JAVA_OPTS... (More)
Fathia JamaSemarchy Team
Sr. Customer Success Consultant at Semarchy

How to Correctly Configure Postgres Search Path

When installing Semarchy on a PostgreSQL database, customers sometimes run into errors like this:

+- ERROR: function uuid_generate_v1() does not exist Hint: No function matches the given name and argument types. You might need to add explicit type casts.

This error can occur when the search path in the database is not correctly configured.

Do you have a search_path problem?

The above error will be thrown if:

  • The function does not exist.
  • The function exists, but you do not have access to it.
  • The function exists, and you have access, but it is not in the search_path.
/* First confirm... (More)
Marc SpicaSemarchy Team
Sr Customer Success Consultant at Semarchy

Audit privileges in xDM

When setting privileges at model level, it is often interesting to have a global picture of which roles are allowed to manage / edit / create / update or export the data as part of the governance process.

All details are available at design-time in the Application Builder and are displayed per roles. The goal here is to be able to query that information in the repository, to make it available as SQL to be displayed in a dashboard or any other tool.

1. Understand privileges tables in the repository

There a 3 main tables to take into account when... (More)

David JonesSemarchy Team
Sr. Customer Success Consultant at Semarchy

At the present, E.R. Diagrams cannot be exported. One solution is to use Screen Capture software in order to create a document of this information.