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Welcome to the Semarchy Community

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Benoit BrugiereSemarchy Team
Director, Product Management at Semarchy

Semarchy xDM is now available on Docker Hub!

We have released Semarchy xDM on Docker Hub!

Two images are available corresponding to the two modes of the xDM app servers (active and passive) used in High Availability configurations

These images enable users to set up customized, clustered, and high-available production environments of the Semarchy xDM data management solution. 

They are maintained by Semarchy and updated with the latest product features and fixes.


A new tutorial is also available to Deploy Semarchy xDM on Docker.

Press release:

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Cedric BlancSemarchy Team
Director, Product Management at Semarchy

xDM 5.3.12 is available!

We have released today on this patch for Semarchy xDM 5.3. You can read the release notes here.

Bug Fixes

  • MDM-12547: Error messages returned by validations on numeric attributes contain a sample value that may not be consistent with the performed validation.
  • MDM-12551: Error messages in case of invalid numeric value show a sample value that is not consistent with the corresponding attribute's data type.
  • MDM-12824: Numeric values containing more than 9 digits are rejected on authoring forms.
  • MDM-12846: Markdown fields on Long Text attributes do not raise any mandatory error when left empty on authoring forms.
  • MDM-12860:... (More)
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