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Welcome to the Semarchy Community
Welcome to the Semarchy Community

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Kimmo liked 4 hours ago

xDM 5.2.3 is available!

We have released today on this patch for Semarchy xDM 5.2.

You can read the release notes (5.2.3).

New Features

  • MDM-10461: Include IP Address, SSN & other inputs in Melissa Personator Enricher
  • MDM-10758: Melissa Personator Enricher now supports all available Melissa outputs

Bug Fixes

  • MDM-10707: Read-only fields can be edited within a workflow
  • MDM-10724: Performance enhancement for Transitive closure
  • MDM-10745: Integration job fails with NullPointerException when using GoogleMaps Enricher Cache
  • MDM-10747: xDM webapp cannot start when a global application server datasource is used as repository datasource under Wildfly
  • MDM-10786: During authoring, Form Fields/Columns for which user is... (More)
Benoit replied 4 hours ago

Just Saying Hello...

Hi folks. I just wanted to introduce myself. I am mostly new to Semarchy, we bought our first license a few months ago but now really starting to get into it. I imagine I will be on here a lot asking tons of questions going forward, as I tend to be good at breaking things and finding bugs :).

I work for a Wellness and Human Performance company, and we plan to use Semarchy as our MDM backbone going forward. My background is in data modeling and engineering, for e-commerce, for about 30 years so far. I have mostly worked... (More)

Anna liked 21 hours ago

Hi @Anna Rider 

You cannot choose at run time the match rules you want to apply. 

At design time, if you want to shut down a specific math rule in your matcher, you can simply transform your match rule expression like this : 0 = 1 and ( <original match rule expression> ) to avoid to delete it.

Matthew replied 2 days ago

How do I delete data during dev time?

I am in development mode. I loaded some data, then significantly changed my match rules. How do I delete the data and reload?